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For Employers - Why Advertise With Us?

It is not easy for potential advertisers to compare online job advertising sites. Whilst the internet is an incredibly useful tool for sourcing and researching potential job sites, it also has an Achilles Heel, because it is very easy lesser sites to dress themselves up as high performers, when the reality may be very different.

So j
ust who is the leading online advertiser of Purchasing Jobs, Procurement Jobs, Logistics Jobs, Supply Chain Jobs, and Warehouse Jobs?

Don’t take the sales hype at face value! - The facts don’t lie.

                                     Online Market Share

Based upon number of live jobs advertised on
26 June 2012 SCR (2369), SM (893), SCO (906)

** NB. This table compares the three sites listed against each point detailed below.



Longest Established Specialist Job Board in this Sector **

Highest UK Alexa Web Ranking
* as at 26 June 2012

Ranked Nr 1 by Google, Yahoo, & Bing for the term Supply Chain Recruitment & Jobs

Finalist in 2010, 2011, and 2012 for Onrec Niche Job Board Award

WhatJobSite Approved Website

Member of the International Association of Employment Websites

Advertising Jobs to both CIPS and Non CIPS members

Most Expensive Rate Card Price To Advertise an Employer Job

Best Job Sites, through our procurement, logistics, and supply chain job sites, offers the UK’s most compelling advertising proposition for procurement, logistics, and supply chain job advertising.

1.      Best Job Sites operates the UK’s first and longest established jobs board focussing exclusively upon Procurement, Logistics, and Supply Chain jobs and recruitment.


2.      Best Job Sites advertise more than twice as many jobs compared to any other UK specialist procurement, logistics, and supply chain jobs board, magazines, or membership organisations.


3.      We offer access to more than 70,000 registered procurement, logistics, and supply chain candidates, as well as many more unregistered candidates visiting our sites daily.


4.      You can’t fool the search engines. Best Jobs Sites are the highest naturally ranked procurement, logistics, and supply chain job boards by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, for the terms procurement recruitment, logistics recruitment, and supply chain recruitment.


5.      Best Job Sites have been awarded more independent internet job site accreditations than any other specialist UK procurement, logistics, or supply chain job board operator, including:


                                                    i.          Finalist in the Onrec “Niche Job Board of the Year Award” in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

                                                   ii.          The only procurement, logistics, or supply chain recruitment website to be approved by  ”What Job Site”.



6.      Best Job Sites propagate procurement, logistics, and supply chain jobs across our network of specialist job sites for one booking fee, offering incredible value for money.


7.      Our job boards are the only niche procurement, logistics and supply chain job sites used by all of the UK's leading national recruiters, i.e. Hays, Hudson, Michael Page, and Manpower.

We believe that we try harder and achieve considerably more success than any other job sites or magazines in the procurement, logistics, and supply chain sectors.

Our focus is upon delivering the maximum return to our advertisers, generating high quality relevant applications for recruiters and employers across both the private and public sectors.

That’s why we have dominated procurement, logistics, and supply chain job advertising in the
UK for more than 11 years.

Don’t compromise your advertising budget when you can have the “Best”!

Invest your valuable advertising funds wisely and to greatest effect.

The Internet is ideally suited to job advertising and job search, and with more and more job seekers relying exclusively on the internet to find their next job opportunity, internet advertising is essential for any serious recruitment activity.

All of our activity is focussed in this area, and our sites include:

We are the only UK business dedicated exclusively to online advertising of supply chain, procurement, and logistics jobs.

We also operate market leading supply chain, purchasing, logistics, and warehousing job boards in North America, and mainland Europe.

You can register online and post your job directly, or email your job description to and we will take care of everything for you. Either way your job will be picked up and managed by an account manager who will monitor the performance of your job ad and help to maximise its performance.

We are experts in the areas of supply chain, purchasing, and logistics, as well as in Internet advertising and recruitment and we are always happy to provide advice about specific online recruitment campaigns or skill availability and salary levels, etc. Just call us on 0845 130 1928 or email


The area of supply chain encompasses:

Forecasting / Planning
Purchasing / Procurement
Inventory Management
Customer Service
Supply Chain Management incorporating:


Advertises jobs and attracts candidates across this entire spectrum. The job board is structured in defined industry sectors to enable employers and recruiters to advertise jobs to specific sectors of the candidate audience. Jobs can be advertised by skill type, industry sector, career level, and location.

In addition to advertising jobs online we also match new jobs through our registered candidate database and emails daily Job Alerts to many thousands of candidates every day of the week. Ensuring jobs reach relevant and motivated candidates.

Candidate applications are delivered directly to the advertiser.

Targeting and Attracting Candidates

The best advice that we can offer employers or recruiters seeking candidates to fill a particular vacancy is be clear about what you are looking for in the ideal candidate, and in your business overall. Of course everybody is open to new and stunning candidates that may take them by surprise from time to time, but you are far more likely to find the candidate that you seek if you have thought about the ideal person in terms of skills, experience, career level, locations etc. The more accurate your understanding of the ideal candidate that you seek, the easier it will be to target candidate groups that are likely to match your requirements and be motivated to apply.

Preparing Effective Job Ads

In contrast to the points made above (Targeting and Attracting Candidates), we would always recommend a taking a more general approach when preparing job ads on the internet. The starting point is to have a very clear understanding about the ideal candidate that you seek, but in preparing job ads you need to reflect the job searching methods and habits of your target audience.

It is very easy to exclude part of the target candidate audience just because they do not use exactly the same terminology as your industry sector or business.

Click here to download our article: Effective Internet Job Ads

You may also want to consider additional branding options that will encourage candidates to view your job opportunity. We offer a wide variety of branding opportunities from button and banners through to sponsorship of job search pages, targeted emails, profile pages, etc..

For further information telephone 0845 130 1928 or email

Assessing Potential Employees

Assessing a candidates ability to be successful in a specific role and organisation is a complex and critical process, and one that must be approached in a planned and methodical way.

Click here to download our article: Assessing Potential Employees

Follow Up With Applicants

It is good practice to follow up with all applicants that respond to your applications. The only exception to this rule should be the odd occasion when candidates that are clearly inappropriate for a role proceed to apply, ignoring your clearly expressed requirements.

A best in class procedure would be to acknowledge the application when received, and then to communicate progress or decision in due course. At the very least candidates should be made aware of the time frame for your recruitment activities and that if they have not received further communication by the end of that period then to consider the application unsuccessful.

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